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Wisconsin Fine Increases on Overweight Violations

Heads up to Commercial License Drivers (CDL) and commercial vehicle owners: While in court just last week, a prosecutor from a municipality which issues many overweight trucking violations told me the state issued a new bond schedule where the fines will be DOUBLED from their current levels. As if they were not high enough….

Citations issued are in the name of the vehicle owner (not the operator). If the vehicle is owned by a corporation or business, the citation is the in business name. You need an attorney to appear in most of these cases as a corporation cannot send a non-attorney representative to court. Many municipalities are also specially training officers for overweight enforcement, so we expect to see significant increases in citations in places not previously issuing overweight violations.

It is driver and owner BEWARE – these tickets can run into thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars in fines. It is almost always worth negotiating in court to save money.

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