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Allegations of domestic violence are extremely serious and can have a drastic impact on the alleged abuser’s life. Whether or not the charges are validated, accusations of domestic violence can impact your future and your family. Domestic violence can include the allegations that a physical assault, sexual assault, verbal abuse, threats, stalking or harassment has occurred. An experienced domestic violence defense attorney can help you understand your rights and protect yourself from any formal charges that may be filed.

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Restraining Orders

Once domestic violence accusations have been leveled, a hearing may take place in order for a restraining order, or order of protection, to be established. If the order is granted, your access to your home, your children and some of your property may be limited, as you may not be able to go within a certain distance of your home. Having an attorney represent you in all restraining order issues can help ensure that your rights are protected. Our Wisconsin attorneys defend clients against restraining orders and also deal with any alleged restraining order violations.

False Accusations

In some domestic violence cases, false accusations are often lodged by the alleged victim. A false complaint may be filed for a number of reasons, including an individual wishing to gain leverage in another matter, such as a divorce or child custody proceeding. Retaliation is also another motive for false accusations of domestic violence or abuse. Anger over a relationship or other situation can motivate an individual to get back at the alleged offender through a false statement. We understand that the potential for false allegations exists in every domestic violence situation and we work hard to see that the truth of the matter is uncovered.

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