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Federal Crimes

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Federal crimes are those committed in which U.S. laws, otherwise known as federal laws, apply in the case rather than state laws. Many federal cases are also white collar crimes and generally refers to crimes involving business professionals or other individuals who use deception for financial gain. In most cases, white collar crime charges are handled in federal courts rather than state courts. Individuals arrested or under investigation for white collar crime offenses will likely face an aggressive, resourceful prosecution and harsh sentences if convicted.

Are you under investigation for a federal crime?

Are you under investigation for a federal crime or have already been charged? If so, call the Milwaukee offices of Courtney & Molter at 414-224-6070 today.

Our firm has an extensive understanding of the federal justice system and how federal cases are handled. We can arm clients with information and education that allows them to know how to respond when under suspicion or investigation for federal white collar crime charges and other federal crimes.

Exercise your right to remain silent. If you speak to law enforcement without your attorney present, they can use your statements against you. Our Wisconsin lawyers can advise you on all types of federal situations and cases, such as:

  • Fraud, including mail fraud, wire fraud and bank fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Trade secret theft
  • Tax fraud and income tax evasion
  • SEC violations including securities fraud, stock broker fraud, insider trading
  • Insurance fraud
  • Medicare fraud
  • Internet crimes and computer fraud
  • Identity theft including check fraud, forgery, credit card fraud
  • Other federal white collar crimes, including conspiracy, perjury, extortion, money laundering, RICO violations, bribery, price fixing, immigration violations, gun crimes

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