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Arrested for DUI/DWI,

Released and Wondering What Comes Next…

As much as any attorney would like to have been able to advise his or her clients at the time they were stopped for suspicion of drunk driving, the fact is that most people seeking DUI defense have already been arrested and released by the time they actually speak to an attorney — if they actually decide to speak with an attorney at all.

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Serving Wisconsin Drivers Accused of OWI or Other Impaired Driving Offenses

Our firm provides strong and skilled DUI/DWI defense to individuals statewide. We have decades of experience in Wisconsin’s state and county courts and are well-acquainted with the way that specific courts and prosecutors tend to approach and handle these cases. These assets — combined with our knowledge of how to challenge DUI evidence and how to negotiate effectively for our clients outside of court — have worked together to produce favorable results for many of our firm’s clients. They can work for you, as well.

If you have been arrested for a drunk driving offense, time is of the essence. You need to take action to ensure you have the best possible chance to defend against these serious criminal charges. Call Courtney & Molter at 414-224-6070 or contact us online now.

Our experience includes:

Ten Days to Avoid a Suspended License

In Wisconsin, individuals arrested for driving under the influence have 10 days (measured from the date that breath or blood test results come back) to request an administrative hearing where they can challenge the automatic suspension of their license. Requesting this hearing is valuable not only because it may allow you to keep driving while you arrange for other transportation in the event you decide to negotiate a guilty plea or are convicted — it can be an effective tool for successfully defending against the DUI/DWI charges later on.

Refusals to submit to chemical tests in Wisconsin

In light of recent US Supreme Court case law ruling that law enforcement authorities need a warrant to take a blood test on DUI stops, many people apparently believe it is in their interest to refuse a chemical test. This has not changed anything regarding our implied consent law, which basically means as a Wisconsin driver you have given your consent to whatever tests law enforcement requests when legally stopped for a traffic offense wherein probable cause for a DUI arrest ensues. We invariably recommend always taking the test(s) when requested. Refusing only compounds problems and penalties and, in many cases, may even result in an ignition interlock order where one could have been avoided. To sum it up – take the test.

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