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Fraud is a type of white collar crime that occurs when someone is intentionally deceived in order to obtain money, property or services. This type of crime can come about in a variety of situations, such as by an employee at his or her place of work, and may result in criminal charges against the person who allegedly committed the fraud.

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Our firm has extensive experience dealing with all aspects of fraud cases. We are able to thoroughly investigate the matter and begin structuring your defense as soon as you enlist our firm. Whether the fraud case is a state or federal matter, our fraud defense attorneys can advise you of your rights and options. We confidently handle all types of fraud matters, such as:

  • Bank fraud
  • Check fraud
  • Wire fraud
  • Mail fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Health care fraud
  • Identity theft and impersonation
  • Corporate fraud and embezzlement

Internet and Computer Fraud

With the use of computers and the Internet continuing to rise, fraud cases involving these types of technology have also increased. It is important that if you are charged with Internet fraud or other “cyber crimes” that your criminal defense attorney be fully versed in the language that governs these types of cases. Computer and Internet fraud cases tremendously sophisticated matters that often require the assistance of computer forensic experts. They may be able to determine where the fraud actually originated and trace the actual source of the illegal activity.

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