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Illinois Drivers Receiving Wisconsin Traffic Citations - Racine, Kenosha and Other Bordering Wisconsin Counties

For Illinois-licensed drivers receiving traffic citations in Wisconsin, convictions typically affect your Illinois driver’s record. Convictions are reported by the Wisconsin DMV to the Illinois Secretary of State and considered for suspension, insurance and demerit point purposes.

Any violation considered to be a “moving” violation by the Illinois Secretary of State which is issued in Wisconsin counts toward the yearly allowable number of moving violations before an Illinois license suspension action is imposed. Two or three moving violations in a year, depending on your age, leads to an Illinois license suspension. The length of license suspension is based upon the demerit points assigned in Illinois for the Wisconsin conviction (and other in and out-of-state convictions).

Illinois residents drive through Kenosha, Racine, Walworth and Milwaukee County for work and recreation daily. These areas (Highway I94 and other Wisconsin roads) are heavily patrolled and high-enforcement areas.

In most cases, options exist to minimize or eliminate the impact of a Wisconsin traffic citation on your Illinois record. Citations may be amended to a non-moving violations, so as not to be counted for Illinois license suspensions, demerit points, insurance and other purposes. Your Wisconsin traffic attorney should be well-versed in knowing what would be considered a moving or non-moving violation by the Illinois Secretary of State and represent you accordingly.

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