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One minor misstep could lead to you facing all the penalties that you avoided when you were initially charged with the crime. Did you miss a meeting with your probation officer? Have you not paid your fines? Are you behind on your community service? Did you fail a drug test? Were you accused of committing another crime? No matter what probation violation you allegedly committed, be aware that you do not have to simply accept the allegations.

At Courtney & Molter, we have decades of experience defending people in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin against probation violations. We will work with your probation officer and other parties to keep you in good standing on your probation and out of the system.

Were You Charged With Another Crime?

If you have been accused of committing a separate criminal charge, not only do you have to protect your probation status, you have to defend yourself against the repercussions that come with the new charge. Our experience has taught us how to balance working with probation officers and prosecutors. Our lawyers attack new charges, knowing exactly how much is on the line in these cases.

We can defend you, if you have been accused of any crime, including:

Now more than ever, you need an attorney by your side who knows from experience how prosecutors and probation officers handle these matters. Our attorneys have worked with these people day after day for more than 30 years. We know how to work with them, but if they are unwilling to work with us, we also know the value of a more aggressive approach. Sometimes that is exactly what is necessary.

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