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Guns: Wisconsin Concealed Carry Violations

A legally issued Concealed Carry Permit in Wisconsin has restrictions in where you can carry a long gun, pistol or other weapons or devices permitted.

Some examples of prohibited concealed carry are provided in Section 176.60(16) of the Wisconsin Statutes:

  • Police and law enforcement offices
  • Prisons, jails and correctional facilities
  • Mental health facility secured units
  • County, state and federal courthouses
  • Municipal courtrooms if court is in session
  • A place beyond a security checkpoint at airports

Employers may restrict carrying during the course of business, but they may not prohibit a licensee from carrying in his or her own vehicle.

You cannot carry in a bar, tavern, or anywhere where alcohol beverages may be consumed or sold UNLESS you are not consuming alcohol on the premises.

If you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs and are carrying, you may be prosecuted on a felony offense. Basically, you forfeit your privilege to conceal carry in these circumstances. This can occur when a person is stopped for a OWI / DUI and has a weapon on his/her person or in the vehicle.

You cannot carry a firearm in or on the grounds of any school.

Trespassing while carrying is prohibited – a comprehensive list about where this is prohibited is in section 943.13 of the Wisconsin Statutes.

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