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Milwaukee Theft
Charge Defense Lawyers

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Accused of Stealing?

From shoplifting to theft by fraud, the lawyers at Courtney & Molter can defend against all theft charges. We bring more than 30 years of experience to these cases, along with knowledge of how prosecutors in different jurisdictions approach them. No matter what you have been accused of, count on us to protect your rights and your future.


Our knowledge of prosecutors and their tactics is invaluable in shoplifting cases. We know how to work with prosecutors to negotiate outcomes that do not involve a conviction being entered at all. This is important, because shoplifting is a serious charge, typically a misdemeanor. It can be a felony if the value of the stolen item is high enough.

Many people accused of shoplifting, also known as retail theft, are surprised that the criminal charge is not the only problem they face. Civil penalties also apply. The merchant can seek damages of up to double the value of the allegedly stolen item, even if the item was returned. We defend against criminal and civil cases.

Employee Theft

Employee theft can involve anything from employees shoplifting on the job or acting in concert with other parties who are shoplifting to stealing money from a cash register to complex embezzlement schemes involving funneling money from an employer to outside accounts. We can defend against all employee theft charges.

Vehicle Theft

Our attorneys defend people in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin against charges of stealing stereos and other items from vehicles, as well as charges of stealing vehicles.

Theft by Fraud

Theft by fraud comes in many forms. Our attorneys defend against charges of identity theft, writing fraudulent checks, contractor fraud and all other similar cases.

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