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Expungement of Misdemeanor and Felony Cases - Persons Under Age 25

In Wisconsin, misdemeanors and certain felony convictions may be expunged.

If a Circuit Court is going to exercise its discretion to expunge a record, the discretion must be exercised at the sentencing proceeding.  There is some question as to whether a request move for expungement may be preserved at the time of sentencing.  It is better practice currently to seek ruling for eligibility at the actual time of sentencing.

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Wisconsin Supreme Court Rethinks "Defective Tail Light" Traffic Stop

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel posted an article about this earlier in the week. If you have ever been stopped and guns, weapons, drugs or the like are found in your car, pay attention.

A common reason for police stopping drivers is for a defective taillight. That stop leads to a request to search the car and discovery of drugs or weapons.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court reversed a lower court gun possession conviction by a narrow margin, finding that one unit light out of several lights in the wide tail panel of a 1977 Buick Electra did not amount to probable cause for a police stop in which a gun was later found.

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Milwaukee Couple Charged With Felony Forgery

A Milwaukee couple is facing criminal charges after being arrested on Feb. 26. According to reports, the 21-year-old woman and the 26-year-old man were allegedly forging prescriptions in attempt to get OxyContin, a prescription painkiller similar to heroin that is known for being abused by addicts. The two were arrested in Menomonee Falls after a pharmacist realized they were trying to use the fraudulent prescriptions.

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Fight Leads to Elder Abuse Charge

A 52-year-old Wisconsin man was taken into custody after employees of his father’s residential facility witnessed a fight between the two men and called the police. Reports of the incident were unclear as to the extent of the father’s disability, but the man was charged with abuse to an at-risk individual as well as disorderly conduct.

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