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Traffic Tickets - Insurance Increases - Don't Just Pay That Ticket!

A study by recently conducted a study as to how various traffic violations affect auto insurance premiums. They listed insurance average insurance increases for 15 common traffic violations:

  • Reckless driving – 22 %
  • DUI (1st offense) – 19%
  • Driving without a license (would include driving after revocation and Operating After Suspension – 18%
  • Imprudent Speed-Fail to Control Vehicle-Too Fast for Conditions -16 %
  • Failure to stop – 15 %
  • Driving 30 or more over the limit – 15%
  • Improper turn – 15%
  • Texting while driving
  • Improper passing – 14%
  • Following too closely – 13%
  • Speeding 15 – 29 over the limit – 12%
  • Speeding 1- 14 over the limit – 11%
  • Failure to yield – 9%
  • Driving without insurance – 6%
  • Seat belt violation – 3%

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Marijuana in Wisconsin - Still Not Legal Here

I recently read an article about a Green Bay Packer player suspended for the opening game due to a recent conviction for Possession of Marijuana THC). In the comments section of the article, there was confusion among readers about the legality of marijuana drug possession in Wisconsin. Some people assumed marijuana was now legal in Wisconsin;  many others believed it was legal in some parts of Wisconsin and not others.

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Wisconsin Hit & Run Penalties - Any Injury or Death - Felony

In Wisconsin “Hit & Run” is known as “Duty upon striking person or attended or occupied vehicle” per Wisconsin Statute 346.67.  This provision says:

(1)  The operator of a vehicle involved in an accident shall reasonably investigate what was struck and if the operator knows or has reason to know that the accident resulted in injury or death of person or in damage to a vehicle that is driven or attended by a person, the operator shall stop the vehicle he or she is operating as close to the scene of the accident as possible and remain at the scene of the accident until the operator has done all of the following:

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Illinois Drivers Receiving Wisconsin Traffic Citations - Racine, Kenosha and Other Bordering Wisconsin Counties

For Illinois-licensed drivers receiving traffic citations in Wisconsin, convictions typically affect your Illinois driver’s record. Convictions are reported by the Wisconsin DMV to the Illinois Secretary of State and considered for suspension, insurance and demerit point purposes.

Any violation considered to be a “moving” violation by the Illinois Secretary of State which is issued in Wisconsin counts toward the yearly allowable number of moving violations before an Illinois license suspension action is imposed. Two or three moving violations in a year, depending on your age, leads to an Illinois license suspension. The length of license suspension is based upon the demerit points assigned in Illinois for the Wisconsin conviction (and other in and out-of-state convictions).

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Wisconsin High Speed Driver's License Suspension / Court-Ordered License Suspensions

For speeding violations of 25 over more over the limit in speed zones of 55 or higher, a driver’s license suspension is mandatory.  The court SHALL suspend the driver’s license privilege of a person for 15 days upon conviction.   There is no eligibility for an occupational driver’s license during that time.  After such a suspension, the driver must also comply with license reinstatement procedures with the Wisconsin DMV to terminate the suspension.  If this is not done, the license will remain suspended indefinitely.

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Wisconsin Failure to Yield / Driver's License Suspension

If you are in a vehicle crash involving injuries, a citation for Failure to Yield Right of Way will trigger a mandatory driver’s license suspension.

If the offense resulted in bodily harm of another, the license is suspended for 60 days. If the offense result in great bodily harm, the suspension is 90 days. If resulting in death, the suspension will be 9 months.

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WIsconsin Hit-and-Run / Fail to Report Accident Commercial License - CDL Drivers

If you hold a Commercial License (“CDL”), leave the scene of the accident and subsequently receive a citation or are charged criminally and convicted, your CDL will be cancelled for one (1) year.  Even accidents involving minor property damage will qualify for a CDL cancellation.

A citation or ticket for Failure to Stop or Report an Accident in Wisconsin, while not a criminal violation, will trigger a cancellation.  Incidents involving occupied vehicles, injuries to others or death also trigger a CDL cancellation, along with criminal prosecution and possible jail or prison time.

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Retail Theft / Shoplifting Offenses in Wisconsin

Retail Theft, as known as “Shoplifting” is an offense that may be prosecuted as a municipal ordinance violation (some people call that a “ticket”) or as a misdemeanor criminal offense.  The penalty for an ordinance violation is a money fine.  A misdemeanor is an offense which carries a jail possibility, along with a possible money and/or probation.

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Sexual Contact Between Minor Boyfriends/Girlfriends

In Wisconsin, sexual contact with children under 18 years old may result in criminal prosecution.

“Statutory rape” means that sexual contact is illegal, even if consented to by the parties, based upon the age of the parties.

Sexual contact with a minor 12 years of age or younger and a person of any age is a Felony and may result in up to 60 years in prison.  “Sexual contact” is touching (even over clothing or without any penetration) or intercourse (sexual penetration, however slight).

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